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Developer Low-code/.Net (medior)


The City of Antwerp opts for extensive digital services tailored to its residents, companies, visitors and students. Digipolis Antwerp, the city’s IT partner, contributes to this challenge every day. We develop software, implement hardware, networks and telephony infrastructure. We also guide our colleagues at the city, OCMW, healthcare company, police and fire brigade, realize ICT projects and ensure high-quality and stable support for operational applications and infrastructure.

We use the latest technologies, closely follow the latest trends and work agile so that we can make quick adjustments. Under the motto ‘together we know more’, we form a community around digital Antwerp. Start-ups, students, the university, residents and other creative minds… everyone is welcome to help build.

Would you like to be part of our vibrant community and do you fit the profile? Then be sure to send your application!

Korte Omschrijving

Due to the large number of new projects, Digipolis is looking for an additional low-code developer to strengthen the team. This will mainly build administrative applications in a low-code environment, possibly supplemented with supporting .NET components. We are looking for a profile with good communication skills who, if necessary, can also act as a functional analyst to find the optimal solution in collaboration with the customer. In addition to these (low-code) development activities, the candidate can also be engaged for maintenance and support of existing applications.

  • Technical analysis and development of low-code administrative applications and any supporting .NET components
  • Functional analysis of customer questions in order to find the optimal low-code solution
  • Estimate effort required (low-code) developments
  • Responsible for documentation, DevOps and third-line support regarding developed applications (and components)
  • Maintenance and support existing applications
Technical competencies
  • You have experience with low-code development
  • You have experience with .NET development
  • You have experience with SharePoint (development)
  • You have experience with functional analysis
  • You have experience with technical analysis
Behavioral competencies
  • You always remain calm in difficult circumstances with others or under increased pressure.
  • You spontaneously share your knowledge, document and inform.
  • You are to the point in explanations and answers to questions. You use a language that is understandable to everyone.
  • You analyze situations in a structured and systematic way. You get to the essence of the information and you focus on the core of the problem.
  • You can base your conclusions on a well-founded foundation.
  • You identify and escalate problems in which your own knowledge and experience are inadequate. You see opportunities for improving existing situations and you come up with proposals.
  • You provide the end user or customer with a clear answer to questions or concerns in a timely manner. You remain respectful and friendly, even when pressure is exerted, and you follow up.
  • You can determine priorities and work efficiently.
  • You report to managers on progress and question the progress of others.


Specific skills
Demonstrable experience in .NET development Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrated experience in Low-code development Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in functional analysis Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrated experience in Sharepoint development Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in technical analysis Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrable knowledge of Ometa Yes Should have Yes / No
Sector knowledge
Supplier/consultant adds completed document “IT code” Yes Must have Yes / No
Supplier/consultant adds completed “NDA” document Yes Must have Yes / No
Proven experience with projects for a public company Yes Should have Yes / No
General Skills
Demonstrated experience in development of the based applications Medior ( 3.00 years ) Must have Experience levels and years of experience
Language requirement: Dutch at European CEFR – level C2 Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in being able to carry out programming assignments very quickly: coding, testing and debugging Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrated knowledge and experience of Agile development methodology Yes Should have Yes / No