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Database Administrator (expert)


Living in Flanders, with headquarters in Brussels, is the Flemish agency responsible for optimally organizing housing in the Flemish region. The agency then consists of approximately 500 employees spread over 6 branches in the various provinces. Living in Flanders contains six departments: premiums and housing quality, social housing projects, finance, customer support, policy and supervision.

Together with its partners, the agency wants to make quality, accessible, secure and affordable housing possible for all residents of Flanders, both for the Flemish housing market in general and for social housing in particular.

To achieve this, the agency fulfills four roles towards citizens, local authorities and residential actors:

  • A supplier of quality. Citizens and housing partners can count on the agency every day for financing, premiums and subsidies, project support, advice and guidance, with enforcement as the final element.
  • An expertise center that supports policy and implementation, and expands and disseminates knowledge about housing, with a focus on the core tasks of the Flemish Housing Code.
  • A platform where expertise is exchanged with residential partners and connects them with each other on these core assignments.
  • An engine for innovation and professionalization in the sector. This is done by providing impulses and inspiration to policy and to the housing market where opportunities are seen.

The most important values of Living in Flanders are collaboration, quality, personal initiative, customer focus and integrity.

Structure of the IT service

The IT team consists of approximately 70 employees. The team is heterogeneous and consists of both internal employees and external consultants, experienced experts, as well as younger technical consultants. The ICT department is responsible for optimal ICT support for the business departments and an increasingly extensive digitalization of the internal operations, of the interaction with residential actors and local authorities, and of services available to the citizen.

About half of the IT department is involved in software development and maintenance. In concrete terms, this concerns two Scrum development teams that do custom development in .NET, an SAP team, a case management team and several outsourced development teams. These teams are supported by business analysts and test coordinators. The functional management is done by Product Owners (some of whom work in a business department, others within ICT). Software development is done under enterprise architecture governance and according to agile principles. We use SAP for financial processes, case management and low-code platforms for file handling and workflow-based applications, and .NET Core (with both on-premise and public cloud deployment) for custom development.

Living in Flanders uses the Microsoft development platform and SAP.

The ICT projects work according to the SAFE Scrum methodology.

Korte Omschrijving

As a Database Administrator (DBA) you are responsible for daily operational management and you have a strong supporting role. You ensure that the database servers are properly configured, operationally sound, the databases have a backup, the servers are patched, work safely and efficiently according to the requirements of the business.
As a DBA you work in a service setting in close and good cooperation with the following ‘internal’ customers:

  • The security Architect/Engineer and Data Protection Officer regarding the established security and privacy requirements.
  • The Infrastructure/System responsible in connection with the requirements and resources that can be used.
  • The developers, BI team and users.

Your most important tasks as a DBA are and you ensure that:

  • All database servers have a backup strategy that matches the recovery point objectives (RPO) of the business.
  • Testing backups so that the business’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are achievable.
  • You configure monitoring tools to monitor the health of the servers with its databases and to ensure a minimum of false alarms.
  • You diagnose database service problems as they arise. This may occur outside office hours.
  • You install and configure new database servers.
  • You patch existing database servers.
  • You carry out periodic basic audits to verify that all requirements regarding RPO, RTO, safety… meet the requirements.
  • You execute scripts from third parties that are necessary for the functioning of the applications. You optimize this where necessary.
  • You ensure optimization of performance problems by making improvements, e.g. expanding computer resources, server configuration adjustments, index/query changes… You advise and support the development teams in optimization tasks.
  • You provide detailed technical documentation.
  • You help reduce infrastructure costs through performance optimizations, consolidating and rescaling existing systems and licenses.


Specific skills
Analysis Services: Demonstrable experience with cubes Yes Must have Yes / No
Integration Services: Demonstrable experience with SSIS Yes Must have Yes / No
Reporting Services & Power BI Tools: Demonstrable experience with Reporting Services & Power BI Tools Yes Must have Yes / No
Technical competencies: In-depth knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server architecture, products and tools on-premise and in the cloud (Azure/AWS) Yes Must have Yes / No
Analysis Services: Demonstrable experience in supporting developers in creating cubes Yes Should have Yes / No
Integration Services: Demonstrable experience in guiding developers in designing SSIS packages Yes Should have Yes / No
Personal competencies: You are willing to work outside office hours Yes Should have Yes / No
Personal competencies: You have a good knowledge of Dutch and English Yes Should have Yes / No
Personal competencies: You can collaborate with other colleagues within ICT Infrastructure & Operations team Yes Should have Yes / No
Reporting Services & Power BI Tools: Demonstrated experience creating reports with BI tools Yes Should have Yes / No
Reporting Services & Power BI Tools: Demonstrated experience supporting developers in creating reports Yes Should have Yes / No
Technical competencies: Knowledge of PowerShell is a big plus Yes Should have Yes / No
Technical competencies: Strong analytical skills and insight into data architectures are required Yes Should have Yes / No
Integration Services: You follow the new developments within integration services Yes Nice to have Yes / No
Personal competencies: You can function independently if necessary, use open communication combined with a flexible attitude. Yes Nice to have Yes / No
Technical competencies: Knowledge of other database software such as CosmosDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL on Windows and Linux environments is a plus. Yes Nice to have Yes / No
General Skills
Demonstrable experience with DBMS environments Expert ( 8.00 years ) Must have Experience levels and years of experience
Demonstrable knowledge and experience of at least one of the DB systems used (Oracle, MS SQLServer, Informix, DB2, MySQL, Postgresql, …) Yes Must have Yes / No
Language requirement: Dutch at European CEFR – level C2. Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrated experience with database optimization and tuning Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in setting up databases Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience of at least one operating system (e.g. Unix, Linux, Windows) Yes Should have Yes / No