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Business (informatie) analist (medior)


Fluvius is responsible for installing, managing and maintaining distribution networks for electricity, natural gas, sewerage, cable distribution and heat, and manages the municipal public lighting park. In total, the company manages 230,000 kilometers of utility lines and 7 million connections. Fluvius is active in all 300 Flemish municipalities.
In addition, Fluvius takes on the role of data manager within the energy landscape. Within this role, Fluvius makes data available to many parties in a neutral and facilitating manner.

Netbeheer is responsible for translating our Fluvius business strategy into the right choices for the further development and maintenance of our utility networks.
This of course in close collaboration with other stakeholders (Regulation and Strategy, Network Operation, Financial Management, ICT, etc.).
Today, Fluvius is busy developing a fully-fledged data and information platform where all relevant data and information come together as a basis for analyses, reporting and data science issues. This is to be able to meet many challenges in a data-driven manner: the energy transition, expansion of the supply, synergy in long-term planning between different disciplines, investment budget under pressure, …
This is a major challenge in the field of business intelligence, data analytics and information management, requires the design of a suitable organization, the proper implementation of the necessary tools that fit seamlessly together and the preparation and maintenance of the necessary documentation, in particular the metadata.

As a business analyst, you work closely with the information owners and managers within Netbeheer, the product owners and the projects within Fluvius’ major programs. You rely on a sound methodological approach to information and process management, quality and project management with continuous attention to operational excellence and, above all, you have a ‘desire’ to work on a data-driven organization.

  • You obtained a master’s degree.
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience as a business analyst
  • You manage to work from a helicopter view without sacrificing operational pragmatism.
  • You are eager to learn, enterprising and analytical and are willing to look for external information
  • You have excellent relationship skills and demonstrate efficiency in developing projects autonomously. You are responsible, flexible and you have a sense of initiative. You have a conceptual mind with a desire for maximum synergy
  • Knowledge of the utility sector and the transformation in which this sector is undergoing is a plus.
  • You are strong in conceptual thinking and developing thorough analyzes (information analysis, data preparation, etc.).
  • You have experience with 1 or more Data Governance, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence tools such as Purview, Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Azure, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Services, Databricks, PowerBI, …
  • You have experience with major change processes

Korte Omschrijving

As a business (information) analyst you provide high-quality Fluvius (asset) information. You ensure that the captured information needs are covered as best as possible and that this (asset) information can be accessed in a consistent and efficient manner to support Fluvius (and in particular the Network Management department) in making choices and policy decisions. . It is important to model the information concepts and ensure clear definitions and documentation. You think from the different dimensions: information, process, application and organization.

In addition, as a business (information) analyst you will also be deployed to answer a number of concrete business issues by providing the necessary information at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate form.

  • You advise and support the information owner in making decisions regarding the management and quality level of the information
  • You actively look for optimizations and “best practices” to continuously improve the management, access and processing of information, also taking into account the projects and the Fluvius Business Information processes and working methods.
  • You capture business needs and ensure that they are converted into clear functional requirements. This makes you the link between business and ICT. You support the information owner in monitoring his IT budget
  • Depending on your needs, you can take on the role of information analyst in projects with important information impact
  • You act as an independent facilitator and coordinator who stands up for the interests of the organization as a whole.
  • You build up the necessary knowledge about information and processes within and outside Netbeheer in order to monitor coherence
  • You make your expertise available to facilitate management decisions: you perform analyzes on request, participate or facilitate consultation meetings and follow up on the resulting actions
  • You ensure the conformity, clarity and user-friendliness of the documentation
  • You provide support in the field of training and communication about the information
  • You are and remain informed of trends and developments in the field of Data Governance, Business Intelligence and Asset Management.
As a business (information) analyst you will:
  • Collaborate with various colleagues from the various departments involved (Strategy, Grid Management, Grid Operations, ICT, etc.) and thus develop a broad network in the Fluvius organization and gain broad knowledge within the utility sector.
  • Being part of a dynamic (product) team, where priority is given to the collective result.
  • Expand your knowledge regarding the use of project management and information analysis (and the necessary tools) through training on the job.


Specific skills
Demonstrated experience in developing thorough analyzes (information analysis, data preparation, …) Medior ( 3.00 years ) Must have Experience levels and years of experience
Candidate adds a document explaining experience with and/or use of 1 or more Data Governance, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools Must have Document
Candidate adds a document demonstrating his/her Business Analysis skills referring to projects with a significant impact (number of business users impacted by project > 50) Must have Document
Sector knowledge
Candidate is familiar with project or product-based work (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Prince II, …) in large companies (>1,000 employees) Yes Must have Yes / No
General Skills
Demonstrable experience as a business analyst in a similar environment. Medior ( 3.00 years ) Must have Experience levels and years of experience
Demonstrated experience with development and optimization of business processes (BPM) Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience with stakeholder management Yes Must have Yes / No
Language requirement: Dutch at European CEFR level C2. Yes Must have Yes / No
Domain knowledge
Experience with information management in one of the following domains: electricity, gas, heat or sewerage Medior ( 2.00 years ) Should have Experience levels and years of experience