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Privacy Consultant (senior)


Fluvius is responsible for installing, managing and maintaining distribution networks for electricity, natural gas, sewerage, cable distribution and heat, and manages the municipal public lighting park. In total, the company manages 230,000 kilometers of utility lines and 7 million connections. Fluvius is active in all 300 Flemish municipalities.
In addition, Fluvius takes on the role of data manager within the energy landscape. Within this role, Fluvius makes data available to many parties in a neutral and facilitating manner.

The Fluvius Information Security (IB) service is organizationally located within the Strategy Directorate. The IB department head is also the CISO/DPO.

IB ensures that Fluvius company information and, by extension, (personal) data of both employees and customers are handled correctly. For this purpose, the aspects CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability), ITB (information and access management) and Privacy (risk-based) are assessed. IB subsequently developed regulations, guidelines, rules, etc. and these are continuously maintained.

IB’s range of tasks can be summarized as follows:
  • Informing and advising on the obligations under the relevant legislation (Energy Decree, technical regulations, GDPR, NIS, etc.);
  • Ensure compliance with these laws;
  • Staff awareness and training;
  • Act as a point of contact for the GBA (Belgian Data Protection Authority) in connection with the privacy thing.

Within the Fluvius organization, IB works very closely with, among others, Fluvius ICT/Security, Legal Management, Complaints Committee, Customer Contacts, Communications, etc., as well as with external parties such as cities, municipalities, Flemish Energy & Climate Agency, FPS Economy, Universities, etc.

In addition, IB has started the necessary preparation for ISO27x certification within a defined ISMS scope.

Specifically for the Privacy discipline, IB is looking for a suitable Senior Privacy Consultant to support her tasks. The selected consultant must also have a good basic knowledge of CIA and ITB.

Finally, the selected Privacy consultant works under the supervision of the IB Privacy Team Lead.

Korte Omschrijving

The selected (new) Privacy consultant will, among others, take on and/or provide support for the following concrete tasks:

1) Line action
  • You facilitate the preparation of protocols and authorizations.
  • You support the purchasing department with regard to IB-related actions such as assessment of specifications, assessment of (candidate) suppliers.
  • In line with the previous point, you support the drawing up of processing agreements (or other similar agreements).
  • You facilitate, maintain and improve the Fluvius processing register
  • You support IB and the various Fluvius services if the data subject wishes to exercise his/her (GDPR) rights.
  • You contribute to the preparation and maintenance of all kinds of supporting company documentation in the field of privacy (guidelines, templates, instructions, knowledge documents, awareness articles, etc.).
  • You support Fluvius Academy as a teacher for privacy-related lesson packages.
  • You help maintain and publish both the internal and external Privacy Statement.
  • You help in handling, investigating and responding to complaints (whether or not reported via the Complaints Committee).
  • You supervise the implementation of the written privacy rules within the various Fluvius directorates.
  • You support the Fluvius employee when she asks IB for (legal) advice.
  • You guide the Fluvius management in applying the Data Retention Guideline and completing the associated inventory.
  • You supervise the adjustment of the business processes in which personal data are processed in order to achieve compliance with the GDPR.
  • You contribute to setting up and maintaining privacy reporting for the various target groups.
2) Project (product) operation
  • You (also) ensure that ‘Privacy by design’ is applied in every Fluvius initiative (project, product, change, demand, etc.) in the form of IB (relevance) assessments. You will guide, among others, the project leader, (ICT) architect, business process analyst.
  • When necessary, you support both the business and IT in carrying out an IB (CIA + Privacy) risk assessment. You report the outcome of such an assessment to, among others, the CISO/DPO and the risk owners.
  • You guide the business and IT in defining and following up on risk mitigation measures.


Specific skills
You have a DPO certificate Yes Must have Yes / No
You have demonstrable experience with the practical implementation of the GDPR Yes Must have Yes / No
You have already contributed to the definition and implementation of security measures Yes Should have Yes / No
Sector knowledge
You have demonstrable experience within a Belgian energy sector Yes Should have Yes / No
General Skills
Demonstrated business experience in a security role Senior ( 5.00 years ) Must have Experience levels and years of experience
Demonstrable business experience in privacy management (DPO certification) Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in Security & Privacy Yes Must have Yes / No
Demonstrable experience in implementing security projects Yes Should have Yes / No
Demonstrable knowledge and experience in Information Security Management (ISO2700x) Yes Should have Yes / No
You can demonstrate during an interview that you have contact and social skills in a team Yes Must have Yes / No
You can demonstrate during an interview that you can work both autonomously and in a team Yes Must have Yes / No
Candidate has Dutch CEFR level B1. Yes Must have Yes / No
Language requirement: Dutch at European CEFR level C2. Yes Should have Yes / No